Policy Research Committee

​The Research Policy Committee is responsible for research policy and cross-organization research initiatives and for advising on strategic matters relating to the research activities of the Association.

Monitor and analyse external developments, policies and consultations that affect research, innovation and knowledge exchange; and ensure that procedures are in place to enable the organization to respond effectively.

Tengiz Lomitashvili – The head of EBA Policy Research Committee  

Tengiz Lomitashvili holds Masters and Bachelors degree with honors in International Economics from Tbilisi State University and also advanced certificates for selected courses from MBA program at Georgian American University (GAU).

Before rejoining TBSC in 2012, Tengiz Lomitashvili worked in a real estate development and investment company – Development Solutions (Silk Road Group) as a Marketing Manager and head of marketing function for 3 years. From 2010 he worked as a Commercial Representative in a leading consumer research company TNS. Having played the role of a client as well as the role of a performer during his career, he has developed a 360-degree view and unique qualifications in the field of consulting, marketing, market research, industry feasibility studies, investment projects, real estate and hospitality, project management. During his tenure with TBSC Consulting, he has large and innovative consultancy projects in Georgia for TBSC’s clients.