DCFTA as mitigation tool for business recovery from effects of COVID-19

In the period of June-August, 2020, EBA Georgia has implemented the project “DCFTA as a Mitigation Tool for Business Recovery from COVID19 Effects in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine” in cooperation with EBA Moldova and EBA Ukraine, with the support of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and implemented by GIZ (Eastern Partnership Regional Fund – Impact Project). The flow of information between the responsible ministries and the EU are not always comprehensively prepared and coordinated and the administrative of the ministries is insufficient, as a result the potential of the DCFTA in the three Eastern Partnership countries that have the DCFTA is not capitalized. This project has identified priority issues relating to the DCFTA based on surveys of the needs of business in order and developed recommendations as to ways the DCFTA can be used as a business recovery tool to overcome the economic crisis problems caused by COVID-19.