Adjara Group

Adjara Group


Country of Origin: Georgia

Sector: Hospitality, Agriculture

Company Introduction: Adjara Group is a leading Georgian company in hospitality, lifestyle development and agropreneurship.

It has gained worldwide recognition for trend-setting establishments and entrepreneurial projects through developing and managing lifestyle brands. Restaurants created by the company combine international gastronomic talent with fresh, locally sourced produce.

In addition to redefining the country’s hospitality industry, Adjara Group is leading the biggest

agricultural and farming project in the Eastern region of Georgia.

A pioneer in urban and rural development, the company has reshaped the face of the capital as a result of the ecosystems which organically grow around each of the enterprises it creates. Adjara Group has the ability to turn even the most remote and underdeveloped regions throughout the country into sustainable tourism destinations.

Adjara Group unites the following well-known hotels in Georgia: Rooms Hotels, Holiday Inn Tbilisi, Stamba Hotel, Fabrika Hostel.