Georgian Products

Georgian Products


Country of Origin: Georgia

Sector: Manufacturing

Company Introduction: Georgian Products ltd. was established in November 2014. Since then it grew to the largest Pet Furniture manufacturing company in Georgia and in entire region. Company manufactures up to 65 types of products designed for indoor and outdoor pet house furniture (Nonfood applications). Production Capacity as of now is reaching 2000 units per day and rapidly increasing due to the high demand and high quality standards of the product. The company operates with 425 employees. Since the primary serving market of GeoP production is European Union, GeoP is amongst the largest exporters list of Georgia with its’ annual turnover of 10 million USD.

Company decided to extend its product range and plans to built and operate food processing plant to produce Pet Food products. Since the primary target market is EU, the plant will be designed and operated in full compliance with ISO 22000 standards and meet all EU import requirements outlined in DCFTA agreement between EU and Georgia