Vocational Education

EBA Members (European companies as well as Georgian companies) identified lack of skilled labour force as the biggest challenge for their business development. They are dealing with this problem differently: sometimes they are inviting professionals from different countries and sometimes creating internal training centers.

On the other hand, Government and donors in Georgia are offering different programs to help private sector to overcome the problem related to the lack of skilled labour force. That’s why EBA decided to play the role of facilitator in this process and to connect demands and interests of EBA members to the activities of the Government and donors.

EBA members met with the Ministry of Education to discuss the new initiatives of the government regarding the Short-term Vocational Training/Retraining, demanded by the market today.

  • EBA – Chair of the Authorization Council for the Short-term Vocational Training/Retraining Programs
  • EBA – a member of the Authorization Council of Vocational Education Institutions
  • EBA is represented by Deputy CEO Mariam Kuchuloria at these councils and is appointed by the Prime Minister of Georgia

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