LTD Georgian Post

LTD Georgian Post


Country of Origin: Georgia

Sector: Post

Company Introduction: The Georgian Post represents a leading national postal operator that is mainly involved in providing the consumers with the universal postal services. The company is oriented on using modern technologies that allows it to provide its clients with as fast service as possible.

The Georgian Post is a member of the UPU and PostEurope international postal unions. The latter represents the European social postal association founded in Brussels in 1993, including 52 postal operators from 49 countries. As for UPU, it is the Universal Postal Union that was established in Swiss Capital Bern in 1874. Being one of the world’s ancient associations, it unites 192 countries.

Georgia has become a member of the CA of the World Postal Union Administrative Board and Deputy Head of the CA of the World Postal Union Administrative Board for the first time throughout history. Aimed at achieving this, a lot of reforms were conducted in terms of developing operations and services. The company experienced rebranding, renewed its service centers, re-trained employees, created new labor standards and established innovative technologies that resulted in the Georgian Post having been recognized as a trustful and important partner. Currently, the Company enjoys successful cooperation with the world’s 191 countries.

The Georgian Post represents the largest postal organization in the country with a wide range of its services as well as the most expanded network of service centers, reaching 82 throughout Georgia, with 2700 high-qualified employees.

Georgian Post Ltd. carries out the following actions:

– Receiving, sending and delivering mailings (letters, parcels, postcards, print materials)

within the country and internationally, through the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and

the International Express Mail Service (EMS) network;

– Receiving utility service payments;

– Domestic money transfers as well as transfers towards Belgium, Turkey, Japan,

Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and the CIS;

– Telegraph services – within the country, to rural and regional centers.