Legal Committee

The main objective of the Legal Committee is to provide a platform that enables members to raise and discuss any legal issues that affect their industries.

Sustainability committee

Assist the Georgian Sustainability, Energy and Finance Industries to harmonise with the global emerging challenges concerning the way modern business interacts and affects the environment.

Policy Research Committee

The Committee is responsible for research policy and cross-organization research initiatives and for advising on strategic matters relating to the research activities of the Association.

Skills Development Committee

Skills Development Committee is established by the Board of the European Business Association Georgia. The aim is to facilitate a direct linkage between vocational education/skilling needs and high-value employment opportunities, especially in the regions of Georgia.

Trade Facilitation Committee

The main Objectives are to 1. Provide a platform that enables members to raise and discuss any issues related to international trade; export/ import; transportation and logistics; 2. Support companies exporting their goods through capacity building, advocacy, and promotion; 3. Have timely access to the information related to the upcoming regulatory changes and standards.

Hospitality Committee

The EBA Hospitality Committee is comprised of a community with diverse expertise including top managers of five-star hotels, restaurants, leading tourist agencies and organizations. Committee work is aimed at improving standards in country’s hospitality industry and fully utilize its touristic potential.