TBSC Consulting

TBSC Consulting

Website: http://TBSC.ge

Country of Origin: Poland, Georgia, USA

Sector: General Management Consulting (management problem solvers)

Company Introduction: TBSC Consulting (TBSC) is a high-standard management consulting, strategy and policy development firm located in Tbilisi, Georgia (www.TBSC.ge). TBSC consultants have advised senior managers, boards of directors and supervisory boards for 35 years. TBSC principals have provided advisory services in Central Europe for more than 25 years and in Georgia for over 18 years. We have worked with nearly 150 Georgian companies over the years, including the largest commercial banks, international financial institutions (e.g., World Bank, EBRD), large companies (e.g., BP), government (e.g., GNTA, Partnership Fund, GOGC, GoG Ministries), diplomatic missions (e.g., Polish Embassy in Georgia), donor projects (e.g., USAID, UNDP) and NGO’s.

TBSC helps organizations make better strategic and tactical decisions by performing detailed analysis needed to support those decisions.

Analytic approach to problem solving enables decision-making on the basis of facts, rather than only intuition and guesswork. Our strength is our unique know-how that enables us to provide complex, analytical and state-of-the-art solutions.