Skills Development Committee is established by the Board of the European Business Association Georgia. Committee provides a platform for expert discussion and exchange of professional experience in the field of vocational education/skilling.

The Committee shall act within its authority in accordance with Georgian Legislation, the European Business Association Charter, and Board decisions, as well as the standards set forth in this Statute. 

Sub-committees and different Platforms can be established by the decision of the Skills Development Committee.

The Board has the authority to evaluate, adopt, change, and repeal this statute.


The aim is to facilitate a direct linkage between vocational education/skilling needs and high-
value employment opportunities, especially in the regions of Georgia.

The Committee shall have the following objectives:

  • Assessment of sector wide skills needs;
  • To represent, communicate with and gather feedback from employees and employers on skills development matters;
  • Evaluation of the model and sustainability measures;
  • Develop and implement external and internal skills development strategies.

Geno Dzidziguri is Hilton’s highest global CEO award winning HR Director at Hilton Batumi and is the curator of light and warmth at the hotel. The People! Geno joined the Hilton family in 2015 as of August 2018 is the head of the HR department. Geno has excelled in various leadership programs and has completed all 3 levels of the HR Excellence Program as well as has completed eCornell University course for Hilton.

Geno was actively participating in launching a dual education program, allowing students to gain practical hospitality experience during their studies. This was possible thanks to a partnership with the German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH and the Ministry of Education and Science. To further support the students in Georgia, Geno implemented a dedicated workshop area for the local professional college students to practice their hospitality skills. The space offers all the necessary tools needed to perform housekeeping, restaurant service and front desk tasks. It is officially authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Adjara and is used as part of a new educational hospitality module.

Fun Fact: You wouldn’t know it, but Geno is an absolute fan of the United Kingdom and everything “England“ including a fascination for the Royal Family.