Audit & Consulting Group



Country of Origin: Georgia

Sector: Financial Services

Company Introduction: AC Group was founded by Irakli Magradze in 2005. Today, the company branches out in several different directions and aims to provide its large and medium-sized clients with high quality, reliable service. Methodology of our company is based on international standards and best practice of audit, Georgian legislation and other legal acts of Georgia regarding Audit.

Our professional staff consists of economists, lawyers, engineers, accountants and system specialists with the working experience gained in large companies.

Work quality of company staff is determined by registry and the number of repeated orders from the customers. Our professional staff consists of the specialists who have excellent reputation. We are business people, who use knowledge and experience in order to solve their customer’s problems.

The company has 13 employees and serves different types of clients including well established companies, startups, government organizations (Zimo Ltd, Lilomoli Ltd, SuperBeton Ltd).